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This attorney group has been absolutely first class to work with. Their professionalism, explaining information in layman terms, and commanding knowledge of the eminent domain process is amazing. The best part is we won our case in Court against the NCDOT and were awarded a 600% increase from the DOT original offer! If you are searching for a group who again commands a wealth of knowledge in their field and knows the avenue to pursue a fair settlement you have found them. Josh from day one to told us what amount of money to expect and how the process was going to work. Everything he told us was true and our association can’t say enough good things.

Nolan F.

Wonderful Attorney Jessica Wilkie! Always so helpful, friendly and easy to talk to!

Elissa H.

We were overwhelmed and could not have gone through the condemnation process without Josh going to battle for us. Any time we called the office, we received excellent customer service and best of all, we got a very large, unexpected increase from the original offer that we would not have gotten doing this by ourselves.

Rodney and Kandy P
Commercial & Residential Takings in Union County

I am so glad that I hired Hansen Howell & Wilkie, PLLC to help me through the confusing condemnation process. I always knew I was in good hands as the legal team consistently communicated and broke down the process step by step. And most importantly, my settlement outcome was better than I expected!

Michael D
Rental Property in Wake County

Hansen Howell & Wilkie, PLLC was highly recommended and as an out of state owner of multiple properties, they made the entire process easy. We no longer had to worry and if we ever had any concerns, the staff was always prompt and available to answer any questions. Our three cases went to mediation and Cooper was very knowledgeable, kept pushing for as much as possible and we got even more at mediation than we expected.

Lynn S
Multiple Commercial Takings in New Hanover County

By hiring Hansen Howell & Wilkie, PLLC, we leveled the playing field and were able to go forward with life knowing our interests were being defended. We were pleased with the results knowing that we would not have been able to negotiate the same settlement ourselves.

Nathan & Alison B
Residential Taking in Wake County

Hansen Howell & Wilkie, PLLC was great at explaining the condemnation process and we were very happy with the results.

Howard Family
Commercial & Residential Takings in Union County

When the DOT notified me that they needed only a temporary construction easement and that it was no big deal, I was concerned about the impact to my business and hired Hansen Howell & Wilkie, PLLC to defend my property interests. Jessica listened to all my concerns, was very knowledgeable and aggressively negotiated a fantastic settlement.

Tim M
Commercial Taking in Franklin County

Being a real estate developer, I had the unfortunate experience of negotiating directly with the DOT on previous claims. I would tell anyone DO NOT attempt to do this yourself. I decided to employ Hansen Howell & Wilkie, PLLC when the DOT came back asking for more land from my commercial properties and the results were spectacular.

Sam B
Multiple Commercial Properties in Iredell County

Our condemnation case was so confusing and resulted in a cell tower dispute. We would highly recommend the firm because once they took over our very complicated and challenging case, the relief was instant. I knew that Hansen Howell & Wilkie, PLLC had our back and we were no longer going to get pushed around.

Russ & Susan C
Commercial Takings in Brunswick County

Our family saw our attorneys in action at our multiple condemnation mediations and their defense was terrific. We could not believe how much effort was necessary to defend our interests as we sat there in the settlement conference without saying a word. The legal team was on top of everything and the administrative staff was great over the years, always available to answer any questions or concerns. We would highly recommend hiring these attorneys to defend your property rights.

Jeanette D
Multiple Takings in Forsyth County

Negotiating with the NCDOT concerning the condemnation of my properties in Southport caused me enough confusion to seek help from Hansen Howell & Wilkie, PLLC. Their ability to negotiate increased our settlement by approximately 50%. Mr. Howell explained how the process would work and promised to represent my interests in a prompt and effective way. He certainly kept his word. The admin team pushed our case causing us to receive our settlement check must faster than any of our neighbors.

Dr. Chris M
Commercial Takings in Brunswick County

When the Town notified us that they were going to take our properties and that we had to clean up an unknown, abandoned underground storage tank, we hired the legal team at Hansen Howell & Wilkie, PLLC, and could not have been happier with their strong representation and great results.

James T
Residential Takings in Wake County

Working with Hansen Howell & Wilkie, PLLC during the entire process of losing my home was much better than I expected. The legal team defended my rights and patiently explained the entire process in a prompt and professional manner with my many worries, calls and questions.

Mike B
Residential Taking in Guilford County