Environmental Law & Toxic Torts

The attorneys Hansen, Howell & Wilkie, PLLC possess a solid foundation of education and training in science and the technical understanding that is vital to the practice of environmental law.  We represent individuals, businesses, local governments and municipalities, community groups and advocacy groups throughout Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and the surround NC areas in environmental matters and litigation.  Our federal and state laws provide a framework for the protection of our natural resources as well as for the health and safety of our citizens.

Natural Resource Damage

Hansen, Howell & Wilkie counsels businesses, large and small, on compliance with State and Federal Law. When a land or water resource or private property has been damaged by negligent or intentional actions, Hansen, Howell & Wilkie works with both the responsible party to minimize damage and costs to clean up or remediate the hazard, as well as the individuals, advocacy and community groups effected by the damage to ensure that environmental hazards are properly and fully contained and/or remediated, and that safeguards against future violations and damages are put in place by the offending parties and/or the government agency responsible for protecting that resource.

Litigation may be necessary when a polluter or other responsible party refuses to take action to ensure the safety of our natural resources, or when a government agency charged with ensuring compliance fails to act.  Many times the real responsible party is not readily known, or the costs and obligations of clean up may belong to several different potentially responsible parties.  In these cases Hansen, Howell & Wilkie works with our clients to make certain that they cannot be held responsible for someone else’s malfeasance.

As with our other practice areas, we strive to provide sound and competent legal advice and guidance and/or litigation services for North Carolina residents, at a reasonable price.

We work with our clients to employ the best environmental professionals in the State and Country, but only hire the professionals that are needed for your specific matter.  There is no reason to pay for multiple, sometimes overlapping, consultants and remediation specialists.  We help businesses minimize their exposure to environmental liability and reduce their costs when a liability occurs.

Toxic Torts in NC

Our land, air and water resources are not the only things that may be damaged by the pollutants, emissions, toxic gases, solvents, chemicals and hazardous waste products that are released in many industrial processes. This exposure can be environmental or work-related.  Unfortunately, many individuals, families or even entire communities in Raleigh and the surrounding areas may be stricken with injury or illness due to exposure to carcinogens or other toxic products or by-products.  Many times, the people being exposed to unsafe quantities of toxic materials are not aware of the exposure for many years or even decades.  Chronic illnesses, cancers and even death may occur due exposure to certain chemicals.   If you believe that you or a family member has been exposed to harmful chemicals that resulted in serious injury, illness or death, please contact one of our environmental and toxic tort attorneys today.  There is no charge for the consult.