I-540 Loop Closure Back on Track

In 2011 North Carolina lawmakers voted to stop the North Carolina Department of Transportation from studying the controversial so-called “Red Route”, which proposed routing part of I-540 through Garner.  That move caused the federal government to pull funding from the project because it meant that no alternatives for the route would be studied – a violation of federal law. Continue reading “I-540 Loop Closure Back on Track”

North Carolina Legislature tackles the “Red Route,” other Transportation Projects

In March, North Carolina legislators introduced a bill to remove restrictions placed on considering the so-called I-540 “Red Route” through Garner.  House Bill 10 was subsequently amended, and the third version (referred to the Committee on Rules, Calendar and Operations of the House as of March 12, 2013) would also remove authorization for three major projects from the Turnpike Authority.  Those major projects are (1) the Garden Parkway (also known as the Gaston East West Connector); the Cape Fear Skyway; and the Mid-Currituck Bridge.  The bill does not propose to terminate the projects; however, it does mean those projects will now have to compete with other Department of Transportation projects for scarce funding.