The Atlantic Coast Pipeline: What Happens Next?

After years of planning, protests, legal challenges, budget overruns, and delays, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline was canceled.  On July 5, 2020, Dominion Energy and Duke Energy made a joint announcement, stating the move “was a necessary decision given the legal uncertainties facing the project.”  While many landowners in the path of the pipeline celebrated, those whose property was acquired as part of the project are left wondering: what happens now? Continue reading “The Atlantic Coast Pipeline: What Happens Next?”

Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s costs balloon; timeline pushed

The Mountain Valley Pipeline might have gotten a favorable ruling out of the Fourth Circuit earlier this week regarding the use of eminent domain, but the road has been very rocky for Dominion Energy’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  Work has started and stopped due to lawsuits; permits have been issued, challenged, and revoked; and the projected cost has gone from original estimates of $4B to more than $7B.  Dominion now estimates that full service won’t begin until 2021 – a year behind schedule.

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Dominion Selected to Build $5B Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Pipeline im Bau 2

Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas have selected Dominion to construct their proposed 550-mile long natural gas pipeline.  The so-called “Atlantic Coast Pipeline” will run from West Virginia, through Virginia and North Carolina, and will cost between $4.5 and $5 billion.  In North Carolina, the pipeline will run from Northampton County, then travel southwest through six other counties before ending in Robeson County and connecting to existing Piedmont Natural Gas transmission facilities.  According to a Duke Energy press release, “Dominion is conducting land surveys along the proposed pipeline route. It will determine the final route based on landowner input; community meetings in counties on the route; consultation with government agencies and other interested stakeholders; and an environmental, historical and cultural impact assessment.” Continue reading “Dominion Selected to Build $5B Atlantic Coast Pipeline”